2019 Calendar

February 6
Executive Session
Proposal Submission Deadline
February 21
Anthropology Day
February 28 – March 2
Society for Economic Anthropology Conference in Orlando, FL

March 14 – 16
Joint Conference: American Ethnological Society, Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists, Association of Black Anthropologists in St. Louis, MO
March 28 – 30
Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Conference in Portland, OR
March 4 – 6
Society for Psychological Anthropology Biennial Conference in Sana Ana Pueblo, NM

April 10
Proposal Deadline For All 2019 Annual Meeting Abstract Submissions
April 11 – 13
Central States Anthropological Society Conference in Memphis, TN

May 2 – 4
Joint Conference: Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology and Society for Anthropology of North America in San Jose, PR
May 15
Special Event Proposal Submission Deadline

August 31
AAA Photo Contest Submission Deadline

September 11
Late-Breaking Session Proposal Submission Deadline

November 20-24
118th AAA Annual Meeting

Annual Meetings