Horse Parade

Horse Parade

Horse Parade by Eva Rapoport

Performers of jathilan, Javanese trance dance, joining the parade in Yogyakarta city, Indonesia.


Decorative Horse Mask

Decorative Horse Mask by Elizabeth Brazelton

Decorative horse mask worn by a Lakota horse at the Annual Lakota Pony Races, honoring the victory of the Battle of Greasy Grass (aka Battle of Little Big Horn). The use of a decorative raw hide mask is both artistic and functional; it serves to protect the horse’s face and decorate the horse.

Monitoring Ocean Acidification in Tribal Waters

Monitoring Ocean Acidification

Monitoring Ocean Acidification in Tribal Waters By Adam Kersch

Sitka Tribe of Alaska and its Southeast Alaska Tribal Oceanic Research (SEATOR) partners collect ocean water samples from villages in Southeast Alaska to test for CO2 levels with this machine. These test results will help gauge the impact ocean acidification is having on the area. Sitka Tribe of Alaska and SEATOR are dedicated to preserving access to traditional marine foods. Understanding the impacts of climate change is a crucial component of this mission. – Sitka, Alaska

In Focus

In Focus

In Focus by Ashley Stinnett

Remote triggering my suction cup mounted DSLR camera to begin audio/video data collection at a mobile meat harvesting unit, Southwest USA

Four Griots

Four Griots

Four Griots by Dick Powis

Four griots float through a crowd, singing praises to guests at the naming ceremony of my brother’s newborn daughter. Griots tend to be present at all important ceremonies throughout life, as they recite family lineages in their praises and draw participants and communities tighter together with the exuberant and enthusiastic singing.

Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing in Rosarito

Surf Fishing in Rosarito by Shana Harris

Fisherman are a ubiquitous sight along Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. With approximately 3,000 kilometers of coastline, the peninsula is known for both its commercial and recreational fishing.  This angler near the town of Rosarito in northern Baja California hopes to catch barred surfperch (la mojarra de bandas) before the sun sets.  Like many locals, this fisherman and his family surf, fish, and dig for clams in the late afternoon and at dusk.  Fishing licenses are not required to fish from shore, which makes these activities an economical way to supplement their diets, particularly in the spring and summer months.

Tasting Nature

Tasting Nature

Tasting Nature by Tuva Beyer Broch

Through outdoor education programs, urban youth are taught the core values of Norwegianness through movements in natural landscapes. This young girl senses her way through the surroundings offered. She experiences both how nature might give her new colors, as well as how she holds the power to color her surroundings in new ways.


Hair on the Tree

Hair on the Tree by Abdul Razaque Channa

When the baby is not born after so many years of marriage, many women come at the shrine of Udero Lal (Sindh, Pakistan) and make a vow to cut their head hair at the shire if their prayers are answered.

Cloud Reflection

Cloud Reflection

Cloud Reflection at the Portland Reservoir by Lindsay Pettinicchi

She had never been there before and had heard good things about the views there.  The cloud reflection was striking and very special last summer.  She used a wide-angle lens to capture the dramatic depth of field and it was a very sunny day, so the picture has more of a contrast in black and white.  Finding a good picture always makes her smile when she encounters it and this place is a hidden gem.  She has developed an appreciation for nature and all of her wonderful adventures taking photos outdoors reminds her of how important it is to take time to relax and discover things.  Nature really matters because it provides awe-inspiring beauty to the world we live in.  With photography, she takes time to appreciate nature’s beauty and captures it in its natural environment.