Care at Rest

Care At Rest

Care At Rest by Amy Hanes

Caring for orphaned, infant chimpanzees can be physically and emotionally exhausting. After a near-fatal illness in 2016, caregiver Sanda struggles with fatigue and balance. I took this photo while conducting research as a volunteer caregiver alongside Sanda. Here, he pauses during a forest walk to stretch his back. While stopped, 14-month-old Noah relaxes his grip on Sanda and takes a break too. Noah’s posture speaks to the trust he and Sanda have built during their time together. Noah lays flat on Sanda’s back and watches me, disinterestedly, as I take their photo.


Photo Contest Winners

AAA is proud to feature the winning photos from our 2018 photo contest throughout our Annual Report. We sincerely thank all photographers who submitted photos for sharing their work.

Prayer to Mother

A Prayer to Mother

A Prayer to Mother By Maeve Basset

In a brief reprise from a weekend of intense worship, a Mother Kali Pujarie rests his head on a sacrifice as he prays to the Mother/Mahaa Kali Ammaa. In a Toronto suburb, a unique sect of Hinduism has etched out a space for themselves in a row of warehouses. Coconuts are used throughout the service because of the purity of the coconut flesh and water, which has never been exposed to any defiling elements. Once his prayer is complete, the priest will deftly crack the coconut with a cutlass, exposing pure flesh for the goddess to consume.